Saturday, December 31, 2011


We were excited because Ryan was returning from deployment soon.

We spent time with our best friends in California.

We were preparing for Disneyland.

Ryan came home from Afghanistan!!!

We took a trip, ALONE, to Vegas!

We took a trip to Disneyland.

We came back home to North Carolina.

I really started feeling the ache about not getting pregnant, and decided to pursue fertility testing.

We had an awful tornado that hit just down the road from our house.

We had a fun Memorial Day at the lake.

Jax turned TWO!
We began fertility testing.

We celebrated our last Independence Day as a military family.

My best friends came to visit from California.

I got baptized.

I turned 25.

My mom, Jax and I visited Charleston.

Potty training!

We went to the zoo.

We watched Daddy jump out of a helicopter.

Ryan turned 27 and we went ziplining.

We had some big prayer requests.

And God totally answered, because I became pregnant with baby #2! (But kept it a secret)

Jax was a pirate.

Jax became obsessed with my iPhone.

He also became obsessed with his guys.

I announced my pregnancy!

And we got to see our baby.

We celebrated our first and last Christmas alone, as just a family of three.

I started my second trimester, and am starting to show.

2012 will bring huge changes for our family! Moving back to California, finding a new job for Ryan, finding a new place to live, having another baby, Jax starting preschool next fall, and many other surprises that I'm sure God has in store for us. I can't wait!!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

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  1. I love year recap posts! It's fun to see all that happened throughout the year in one place. Congratulations on expecting another baby, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!