Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A trip to the zoo!

I started writing this post about another poop story, but decided that I didn't want to dedicate another post to that topic.

In brief-- Jax had a poop accident on the floor, Mojo ate about 90% of it (GROSS), we went to run errands, we came home to thrown-up poop on the floor, Mojo started yelping and walking around all crazy, we thought she was dying from poo poisoning so we rushed her to the vet, turns out it was just cramps, all is well and life has moved on. OH, the joys of potty training.

Now to the good stuff... our trip to the zoo! We decided last minute on Saturday morning to head to the only zoo here in NC. It's in Asheboro which is about 2 hours away. We showered, ate breakfast and got on the road around 830. Jax did great in the car and it was an easy drive. Somehow Ryan and Jax were matching and we didn't even plan that! Ha!

Jax liked looking at all the animals, but not for long. Once he saw the animal, then he was good and said "I'm done". But he LOVED this seal and kept asking for more. It was fun to have the seal swim by so close.

Jax enjoyed the things to play on/in/with more than he enjoyed the animals. I think that is pretty common at this age. It's way more fun to play than it is to stare at something! This polar bear cave was fun!

This playground was full of giant bugs! A giant spider web to climb up, a praying mantis to climb through, beetles to slide down, spider tunnels and other fun things to play with.

Jax really liked walking around and getting as close to the animals as possible. He sat in front on these tortoises and followed them around as they crawled from one side to the other.

We purchased to special tickets that included a carousel ride, a Dora and Diego 4D movie and a chance to feed the giraffes. Unfortunately, the giraffes didn't want to eat once we got there. But Jax loved the carousel and the movie!

This white alligator was SO cool. It looked fake!

This ostrich was so close to the fence. He (she?) was just standing there looking at everyone for the longest time. Jax had fun with it being so close!

Toward the end of the day he was getting really fussy. It was well past his nap time so we rushed through the last little bit. But he did have fun playing in these giant eggs.

He slept the entire way home and we had to wake him up when we got home at 5 so that he would go to sleep that night. It was a really fun family day... it's so nice to have Ryan home again!

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