Sunday, July 31, 2011


We had some errands to run on post yesterday and Jax fell asleep in the middle of them. We decided to grab some Starbucks and drive around for a while to let him sleep. After a little while, we headed towards the Airborne Museum. There are a bunch of airplanes, helicopters, and tanks out front, and for some reason we had never taken Jax before. Once he woke up, we got out and wandered around for a while. Of course, he loved it!! It was too bad that it was soooo hot because we wanted to stay longer. Jax still had lots of fun and I think I'll take him back again once the weather cools!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


This week has been very uneventful. We really didn't have much planned and it's so stinking hot, we pretty much hung out at home all week. Here's a couple pictures though :)

Extreme Home Makeover was building a home in our town, so we stopped by and watched them building for a little while. The episode is set to air in October!

I tried to get creative and do some crafts to pass the time this week. I'm not AT ALL crafty but I have a fun book that I got ideas from. This turtle was a big hit!

Check out this video of Jax being his crazy 2-year-old self!

Have a good week!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


I've been a Christian since I was four years old. We don't believe in infant baptism, but instead believe that baptism should be a profession of faith once you are old enough to understand what it means to fully give your heart to God. So because of this, I was never baptized as a child. As I grew up, I thought about getting baptized but I spent many of my teen years rebelling and acting like I was too cool for God. It wasn't until college that I really re-discovered that love for Jesus that I first found when I was four. Since that time I have been intending to get baptized, but for one reason or another I hadn't done it.

When I heard that our wonderful church was doing a large church-wide baptism, I knew it was my time. They set up two baptismals and in total, over 300 people were baptized! It was a great morning and I'm so thankful for my church, my family, and my friends who are wonderful examples of how to live for God!

(Excuse the crazed look on my face! Ha!)

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hubs has been super overwhelmed at work recently, but as of yesterday things will be much more calm for the next 6 months. I am looking forward to seeing him more than a few hours each day!

This past week I was working on cleaning up the house and getting it readied to show. There is a small thin that came up so we won't be listing it for another month. Boo! But I'm jut praying that God puts the right buyers in our life at the right time!

I haven't done randoms in 2 weeks so I have quite a few pictures to share :)

The day before my friends got here, Jax was playing with this phone cord saying "Helloooo Max!"

Jax and Max were sitting with Ryan on his bike. Max wasn't so sure, but Jax loved it

This was just before went down to Myrtle Beach. Jax was rather excited!

Broadway at the Beach. The ONE ride we let them do. Stinkin' expensive tickets.

Just before leaving to drop my friends at the airport, Jax was running and fell into our bed frame. It is impossible to go more than a week without an injury in this house!!

The Chipotle in town just opened!!! Woooweeee!!! Y'all don't understand how exciting this is to me. This is one of the things I miss most about home, and now we have one here. Fayetteville is really coming up in the world! This long line was totally worth it :) We're also getting a Mellow Mushroom and I'm pretty excited about that too!

McFlurry goodness

Sweet Mojo was cuddled between our pillows last night. I couldn't resist taking a picture. Ignore the freaky red eyes!

We just bought Jax a bubble mower. The bubbles don't work (lame) but Jax absolutely loves 'mowing'. He insisted on helping Daddy!

Happy Sunday folks!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


As I've said in a few previous posts, my best friends came to visit this past week along with 2 of their 3 kiddos. All 8 of us squished into my 3bed/2bath house, and we had a great time. Jax loved seeing his friend Max, but they were definitely missing their friend Ben. He stayed home with his daddy because it was too hard for Mary to bring 2 kids, and it was much easier to leave a 2-year-old than a 3-month-old. We talked about Ben a lot and the boys kept asking for him. Someday soon they will all be able to play together. Jax and Max had a hard time sharing and unfortunately there were a lot of spankings and a lot of (forced) turn-taking. But overall, they still wanted to play together and they still seemed to have a great time. I, of course, loved having girl time. It was nice to be surrounded by girlfriends and get the chance to chat and have fun with them.

I took them to Cracker Barrel for breakfast on Friday because they had never been. It was SO yummy... as always! After that we visited the Splash Pad and let the boys run through the water. Then we came home for naps, ran back out to get stuff to make pomegranate margaritas, then came back home to grill pizza. It was a fun day!

Sullivan was pooped at the end of the day

Jax loved holding him... can't wait to give him a sibling!

Cute boys eating their food

On Saturday we decided to risk the 50% chance of rain/thunderstorms and headed to Myrtle Beach. It was really the only day that worked for us, and luckily it didn't start raining until right when we got back in the car to head home late in the afternoon. Going to the beach with toddlers and a baby is tough. There is so much stuff that is needed and then everything gets sandy and muddy, and it was just very overwhelming. Plus it was super hot and super humid. We only stayed there for about an hour and a half, then we headed to Broadway at the Beach. The rides were waaaay overpriced ($3.50 PER TICKET!!), but it was fun to walk around and eat an early dinner there before heading home.
The boys LOVED the waves!
My handsome beach babe

Me and Jax
Danielle and Max
Mary and Sully
Us girls with our kids

Sunday we went to church, then grilled chicken for lunch. After naps we headed to Monkey Joe's and let the kids play for a couple hours. We came back home and had dinner and just let the boys play until bedtime.

Monday we went to a nice park on post but it got way too hot way too fast. We weren't there long before we decided to just head home. I had my HSG appointment at noon. (And everything came back NORMAL!! Woo! It feels good to know that there aren't any medical reasons for us not getting pregnant. Now I just have to work on trusting God and His timing for baby #2) So, later that night we headed to Miyabi, our favorite tepan-yaki place. It was a great way to end a fun week with friends.

The next day we just got everything packed up and I drove them up to Raleigh for their flight at 2pm. Once I came home, the house seemed so quiet and empty. It made me sad! I have the best girlfriends and I had such a great time with them here. I can't wait to move back to California and be able to see them all the time!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sorry I've been MIA... I've been enjoying time with my girlfriends and their kiddos. And forgetting to take lots of pictures :-/ I'll get a post up ASAP about their visit :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fourth

We spent the afternoon/evening with friends... swimming, grilling, eating, firework-ing. It was very relaxing and very fun. Our dear friends are moving to a different base so this was our last time to see them. It was so bittersweet. They've been such good friends over the past 3 years and our kids love each other. I'm sure we will see them again at some point! '

Here's some pictures from our day...

Can't skip the watermelon on the Fourth of July!
Or the swimming!

Or the popsicles
Or the slip-n-slide!

And you DEFINITELY can't skip the fireworks, sparklers, and poppers!

(A whole box at once.... nice....)
Hello, cuteness!
After our friends left, we decided last-minute to head on post for the free concert and fireworks show. Charlie Daniels and Little Big Town were performing. It was almost over once we finally got there, but I was really looking forward to the fireworks, so I wasn't too disappointed. It got a little rainy and windy, and we were thinking that they might cancel the fireworks, but they didn't... And they were awesome! I suppose you can't beat a military base's fireworks show! Jax enjoyed it... as long as he was on our laps. It was a good day and a good way to celebrate our last Independence Day in the military!


Love my little family :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Commenting Challenge

This year I'm participating in Jenna's Journey Blog Commenting Challenge. The goal is to comment on 10 blogs per day for one week. It's a great way to meet new friends in the blog world, and have people get to know you and your blog. Check out the link above for the details.... and comment on my blog, too :)


This week we've been working on getting our house ready to sell. We will be listing it in 2 weeks so we're trying to get a few last minute things cleaned and ready. We're having people
over to grill and swim tomorrow for the Fourth, so that should be fun! And then my best friends get here on Thursday and I can't wait!!

We've been playing outside a lot because the weather was a tiny bit cooler... In the low 90's instead of 100's. Ha!

Part of working on the house was the little DIY project I did. I'm a dingbat and forgot to take a before picture, but imagine it being the green being gray, and imagine the hook being rust colored. I repainted them, then put them up in our playroom. Now I just have to figure out what to hang on them. Any thoughts??

We had a work picnic for Ryan this week and Jax fell off a bench, face first, onto some concrete. This kid is constantly getting hurt!

Jax naps on the couch in his playroom and yesterday he woke up earlier than normal. I was outside doing another DIY project, so Hubs grabbed him and put him our bed with him. This is what I saw when I came inside. So sweet!

In preparation for my friends coming out, I've been getting car seats and baby stuff out of storage. There will be a 2 year old and a 3 month old so we'll be busy, busy! It didn't surprise me that Jax saw this bouncer and instantly wanted to lay in it.

And finally, we were in the playroom the other day when Daddy got home. He was taking off his uniform and of course Jax wanted to wear his hat. Such a handsome little guy!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, friends!!