Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

As I already said, we went to the lake for Memorial Day. It was a little surprise trip that my husband and his friend organized for the wives. They planned a trip to drive about an hour away to go shopping at Trader Joe's, eat lunch at Chipotle, then head to the lake for the afternoon. It was a perfect day!

*Side note, I saw a building that is being built on our main street in town and we are getting a Chipotle!! SCORE!!*

We didn't end up heading to the lake until about 1pm, and by that time, it was super crowded. We drove by all the entrances to the swimming areas and each one was full. We thought we weren't going to be able to get in, but we decided to make one more round to each of them and, thankfully, we got into one! Jax took a few minutes to warm up, but it wasn't long until he was jumping off the dock into our arms, and running through the waves and digging in the sand. It really was the perfect Memorial Day!

Jax's birthday was yesterday! There will be a birthday post coming as soon as possible... we have family in town so I'm a little pre-occupied. But I will get it posted soon!

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