Sunday, November 20, 2011

His Guys

Back in February we went to Disneyland and my parents bought Jax a really cute stuffed Mickey.

He started sleeping with it every night, tucked in under his arm. A month(ish) ago we went out of town for 2 nights and we forgot Mickey at the hotel. Major bummer! The hotel found him and sent him to us... Except they accidentally switched our package with someone else's so we ended up with two pillow pets. We finally ended up getting Mickey back, but Jax was without him for about 10 days. In the mean time, I gave him a stuffed bear and a Build-A-Bear puppy that had been sitting in a toy chest. After we got Mickey back, he slept with all three guys for a few nights. Then he decided that he no longer wanted Mickey and he only wanted his "guys". He asks for them every night and he has to have one tucked under each arm. I loved his Mickey and really wanted him to have that one, but he just loves his guys more. And seeing this sweetness each night...

Well, I can't argue with that!


  1. How sweet! My girls never had anything they liked as a comfort object. My son seems connected to receiving blankets, and I would like it to stay that way. :) I want something to give him comfort!