Monday, July 18, 2011


I've been a Christian since I was four years old. We don't believe in infant baptism, but instead believe that baptism should be a profession of faith once you are old enough to understand what it means to fully give your heart to God. So because of this, I was never baptized as a child. As I grew up, I thought about getting baptized but I spent many of my teen years rebelling and acting like I was too cool for God. It wasn't until college that I really re-discovered that love for Jesus that I first found when I was four. Since that time I have been intending to get baptized, but for one reason or another I hadn't done it.

When I heard that our wonderful church was doing a large church-wide baptism, I knew it was my time. They set up two baptismals and in total, over 300 people were baptized! It was a great morning and I'm so thankful for my church, my family, and my friends who are wonderful examples of how to live for God!

(Excuse the crazed look on my face! Ha!)


  1. that's so cool! Our Church does a Baptism for infants but doesn't Christen until they choose to later. I hope P doesn't rebel too much:)

  2. Awesome, my church does one every year as well!! I am thinking about being a part of it next year!