Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm baaa-aaack!

I decided to take a little break from the blog to focus on my husband returning from Afghanistan and our life slowly returning back to normal. Sorry I didn't notify y'all that I was disappearing. I actually hadn't intended to take such a long break, but life got in the way :)

As a brief recap... my husband got home at the end of February, we spent a few days readjusting then headed to Vegas, minus the kiddo. It was my first time away from Jax so that was fun, but I missed him so much. I also knew that DISNEYLAND was right around the corner, so I didn't feel as bad about leaving him. We enjoyed time with family and friends in California for about a week then jumped in the car and headed to Disneyland for 3 days.

We went with my parents, my brother and hubs parents, and it was a blast!!! Jax is SO obsessed with "dih-tey" (Mickey) and all the other Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, so seeing them in real life was so fun. He couldn't stop pointing and naming everything he saw. I was nervous that he would be scared of the rides or of the real-life characters but he wasn't scared in the least. He rode tons of rides, ran around, hugged all the characters and smiled all day. It was a truly great experience! I have about 100 pictures but I'm going to pick out the best ones to share with you guys. Here ya go...

We had to get the mandatory ear with Jax's name on them!
(That's my cute patootie brother taking his picture)

Jax said "yaaaaaay" with his hands in the air on all the rides

One of his two favorite "people"... BUZZ!
(The other is Mickey, of course)

The Buzz Lightyear ride... we did this a few times and it was so fun

Another mandatory thing... a picture at the front gate :)

More "yaaaaaay!"

The first Mickey we saw, in California Adventure.
Jax was doing "bones" (or "bump it") with him.

There was a huge area in California Adventure for kids to run around on trails and climb ropes and explore "caves".... Jax LOVED it!

Dumbo! Another ride that we did a few times

Exploring the treasure on Tom Sawyer's island

Ringing the bell in Tarzan's treehouse

We played in Mickey's house as we were walking back to meet him.
Jax wanted to sit in Pluto's bed!

We finally met the "real" MICKEY!

This post has taken me two days (ha!), so I'm going to stop here. I have more updating about what has been going on since Disneyland... aka since coming HOME! I will try to get to that tomorrow. It's our first day back to our "normal" schedule with my husband back to work, and Jax and I at home so wish me luck ;)


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