Friday, November 4, 2011

Jax's iPhone

Ok, so my 2.5 year old doesn't actually have his own iPhone. HOWEVER, he does like to think that what's mine is his. He is constantly asking to play with my "shone" and watch "bideos" on it.

It started innocently enough. I got some toddler-friendly games from the app store and let Jax play them when I needed to distract him or keep him occupied. For awhile, this held him over. He had learned how to unlock my phone (by watching me do it... I definitely didn't teach him that!), and I made a folder with all his games. He knew exactly where they were and he would mostly stick to those.

Then, he started opening MY games folder. He started playing Where's the Water? (aka- the alligator game) and Angry Birds. Then he figured out that if he clicked on the Golden Bird, it would have a button that took him to "bideos" (aka YouTube). This became his routine for awhile. He used his new discovery to go to YouTube and watch Mickey Mouse or Special Agent Oso.

He actually figured out how to go straight to the YouTube app, and was doing it so consistently that I finally had to put a stop to it. I've put some major limitations on how often he can be on my phone, and also what he can do on it. He's rarely allowed to watch YouTube anymore and mostly has to stick to his toddler games.

I just really can't believe how quickly he figured it all out. The world our kiddos are growing up in is unreal!

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  1. Do you worry what they will know by the time they're like 10? Mine is 9 months and she's already got the iPhone thing down!