Friday, September 9, 2011

Jumping out of a helicopter

Ryan started out in the Army in the 82nd Airborne Division. So he's been jumping out of airplanes and helicopters for the past 7.5 years. Family can often go to the drop zone to watch the jump, but it's common for them to be at odd hours and/or take forever so I rarely go. But today was a smaller jump because it was out of a helicopter! It was scheduled for 8am and Ryan was on the 9th lift (6 people jump at a time), so it was good timing for us and I knew Jax would love it. We left the house at 715, ran through Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte (yay fall!!), then headed out to the drop zone. Jax had such a blast watching the helicopter taking off and landing, and watching all the soldiers jumping out. He kept saying "I want parachute! Me!".

Here's Daddy and Jax watching some of the first jumpers. Those dots at the top of the picture are them!

Daddy loading up

There he is!

(the smoke is so they know where the wind is blowing)

Yay Daddy!

You're alive!

Here, let me help you carry your helmet, Daddy

Shaking out his 'chute

Waiting patiently so we can go get some breakfast

Pirate Jax celebrating Daddy's successful jump with some yummy food

I'm so glad Jax is old enough to enjoy what his Daddy does for a living!


  1. My husband and brother would love this job!! I however would be a nervous wreck!