Monday, October 29, 2012

Look what I can do!

Get ready....

Get set...



Not only is she rolling from front to back, she's almost rolling from back to front (except her bottom arm gets stuck), and she's also starting to bring her hands together to grab toys. 

Major milestones in our house lately!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Just keepin' it real

I hope I don't give the impression that I have all my stuff together. 

That my kids always behave, that my house is always clean, 
that I always cook delicious and healthy meals.

Yes, I try to keep my house tidy. Yes, I love to cook and, therefore, do it often. And yes, I am so blessed that the transition to 2 kids has been very smooth. 

But I still have days where the laundry and dish piles are sky high, the bathrooms need to be cleaned, the playroom looks like a tornado went through it, and I feel like I'm going to rip my hair out if Jax whines about this-or-that one more time.

Sometimes during nap time, instead of being productive, I get a snack and watch TV. For 2 hours.
Sometimes clean laundry sits folded in the baskets for 3 or 4 days.
Sometimes we have snacks throughout the day instead of making a real lunch.
Sometimes we stay in our PJ's all day because I know we aren't going anywhere and I don't wanna change myself or the kids.

Being a mommy is hard work. Some days everything runs like a well-oiled machine. And some days, well, it doesn't. 

But I look at my two biggest blessings and can't help but fall in love with them more each day. Dishes, laundry, and cleaning can wait. My babies won't be babies for long.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Dress-Up

I took these pictures a few weeks ago, the same day I took her 3-month pictures

Is this not the cutest little pumpkin you've ever seen?

I love having a girl!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Our zoo has an annual Halloween event called ZooBoo. All the kids wear their Halloween costumes, there are lights set up all over the zoo, with carnival games, and local businesses handing out candy. We went with our best friends, Max, Ben, and Sully (plus their parents). It was a lot of fun! The boys are old enough this year to really be into the whole trick-or-treating/costume thing. 

Jax was ScoobyDoo (minus the head) and Max was Optimus Prime

Jax thought Max's headgear was better than his own

Sully was the cutest little cowboy sheriff EVER!

This cute girl loved looking around at everything. (Even though she looks cross-eyed here...)
She was SO well behaved the entire time! 

 We had a little accident :( 
Jax's forehead broke his fall

But the games made everything feel better

I pray constantly that these kiddos remain friends as they grow up! 
They are just the sweetest little group

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Last Saturday we visited a local pumpkin patch, and it was awesome! It was $9 to get in and everything inside was included in that price. Even a pumpkin. Such a great deal. We got to see a hoe-down show, visit some farm animals, walk through a corn maze, and take a hay ride out to the field to pick our pumpkins. We've met some new friends here and we had a blast hanging out with them and their littles!

Tough guys!

The kids got to be in the band!


The mamas with the baby girls (one still in the belly)

We finally got a family picture that isn't from the hospital when Lexi was born!

The two make my heart sing!

We are ready for Halloween!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Trip Home

The kids and I spent last weekend in Fresno while Ryan visited his grandparents on Friday night, then spent the rest of the weekend at home doing homework (he's working on his MBA). We went down there to go to my nephew's 2nd birthday party, to visit the Big Fresno Fair, and to celebrate my dad's birthday. We had a lot of fun, but it was a long, full weekend. And the drive home was much more eventful than I would have liked it to be! However, I'm still so thankful that we now live close enough to our families that driving to see them is even an option!

We spent Friday hanging out with my mom and doing some errands

 On Friday evening, we headed to our bestie's house to make some Halloween cookies

Saturday morning we stopped by a pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins for my parents' porch... and to go down this giant slide. Jax was loving it!

Saturday afternoon was my nephew's birthday party. It was a monster party, but I didn't have a monster outfit for this chick, so this pirate outfit had to do. I about passed out from her cuteness!

I made this fun banner for the party

How cute were the cupcakes that my MIL made?!

My SIL and her firstborn. He loved having everyone sing to him!

I have the cutest nephews!

Sunday was my dad's birthday. We ditched church, had a big breakfast, then headed to the fair. It was a lot of fun. I wish we had more time there. 
Jax actually got the rope around the horns!

And "milked" a cow

And we certainly couldn't visit the fair without eating a funnel cake. Yum! (Go GIANTS!!)

This kid would ride the adult roller coasters if he could. He was loving this ride!

And this sweet thing was content to just take in the sights

After such a packed weekend, I was so ready to be home. I came home to a delicious meal of pot roast and mashed potatoes, and flowers on the kitchen table. Thank you to my wonderful hubby!

(Side note: My sweet friend Diana brought her husband home to rest yesterday. Today is his service. Please, please pray for her {and JT (3), Caroline (2), and baby Nate (8 months)} as the life she thought she had comes to an end and her new normal begins.)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Drive-in movie night

Jax started AWANA Cubbies a few weeks ago and last weekend they held a "drive-in movie" night. 

The kids got to make cars at home, then bring them to sit in while they watched the movie.

They also did a car parade that was pretty darn adorable. 

(Cheater. Seriously.)

Ryan had way to much fun helping Jax decorate his car.

Sister obviously enjoyed the movie ;)
(Yes, Ryan is sleeping too)

Once she woke up, she actually did (briefly) enjoy watching it.

And because this cuteness just melts my heart...