Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Weeks!

I've made it to the end of my first trimester! Woo! Starting next week, I will official be a second trimester gal. I have to say though, I really can't complain much about my first trimester. I pretty much don't feel pregnant. (Which can be a little scary/frustrating, but I try to count it as a blessing). I'm grateful that I haven't had awful morning sickness, or terrible heartburn, or extreme exhaustion. This pregnancy has been very similar to Jax's so far, and for that I am blessed. I barely felt pregnant with Jax. The only thing that was real was his kicking and punching my insides. I can't wait to feel this baby do those same things!

I am at such an awkward stage with clothes. I look chubby, not pregnant. All my clothes are too small, but maternity clothes are too big. I've been living in sweats and baggy shirts as much as possible. I am SO thankful that I have one pair of maternity jeans that fits... and I pretty much wear them whenever I go out in public, which isn't that often (thank goodness) since it's Christmas time and all our normal activities are on hiatus.

The baby is the size of a lime this week... about 2ish inches! His/her nerves are connecting and he/she is starting to have facial reactions, and bodily movements. I can't wait to feel them. It is by far the best part of pregnancy.

Here are my pictures from weeks 10 and 11....

And here is this week...

I'm definitely starting to show!

A few final things---
-I finally died my hair now that I'm out of the "danger zone" aka weeks 5-10. And ohhh, it felt so good to do it. Now I just need to get back to California so that I can get this mop cut!

-Don't you just love my new blog design?! I do! It's from LeeLouBlogs.

-I added a gender poll to the top left of the blog... so go VOTE!!

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