Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Recap

We've been home for one week and it has been full, busy, exhausting and fun all at the same time. Instead of writing an essay about it (because I'm wordy y'all), I though I'd just make a little list of each day's activities. I love me a list and the following makes me happy :) I also really just want to get to Sunday because it was a great day and I have fun pictures to accompany it!

Monday- We got up at 330am in order to shower and get to the airport at 430am for our 6am flight. We flew all day (2 layovers aka 3 flights) and Jax was a rockstar. He slept and played and watched movies and did so great. Even though he can be such a handful, we are really blessed with such a great (and adorable *wink*) kiddo!

Tuesday- We did a ton of catch-up shopping. We used our tax return, plus some leftover deployment pay to buy a few bedroom furniture pieces and 2 new couches for the living room. We turned the office into a playroom and put our old couch in there for Jax to watch movies and take naps on.

Wednesday- We did allllllll the unpacking. All day. Lots of stuff. Forever. So much. Never-ending. Yeah. You get the idea.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday- We continued to re-arrange furniture, do laundry, buy groceries, unpack, organize etc...

SUNDAY- We actually didn't have many plans for Sunday but it turned out to be a beautiful day so we took advantage! We went to church in the morning... it felt SO good to be back at our church. I missed it somethin' fierce. And we almost didn't make it because we kinda sorta forgot the change our clocks. First time that's ever happened. Oops! After church we hit up Panera for lunch with some friends. Jax was something else and hubs had to play outside with him while everyone else ate. Poor guy! After lunch we headed home and played outside all afternoon. It was so much fun to relax, wear short sleeves, play with the house and just enjoy being a family again. We (and by we, I really mean hubs) started our garden and I can't wait to see how things turn out! We are trying a few new things; onions, blueberries (which is really just a year-round bush), tomatoes, and asparagus. Plus the old favorites; basil, rosemary, thyme, bell peppers, and strawberries. Hubs actually built two planters for the vegetables, and I can't wait for things to start growing.
Here's one of the empty planters


Jax had a blast playing with his water table ...
(Notice the water pouring out of the cup and onto his pants/shoes :-/)

...and diving into the leaf pile that his daddy created

It was such a great bonding time for the two of them. They got to be boys, and be rough and tumble, and get dirrrrrrty!

'Mom, stop taking so many pictures!'

Good little helper!

I'm so thankful that my family is safe, home and happily back together. And I'm thankful for the beginnings of beautiful spring weather. Thank you, Jesus, for this beautiful life!

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