Thursday, January 27, 2011

Preparing for Disneyland!

Once hubs gets home and we are reunited as a family and we've gotten over the whole separation thing and we get to enjoy each other's company, we are taking Jax-man to DISNEYLAND! I know he's a little on the young side (he'll be 21 months when we go), but he loves Mih-tey Mouse and Mih-eeeee (Minnie), so I know that he will love it. We are going with both sets of grandparents so there will be lots of people to walk him around and keep him occupied while others wait in line for rides. I've been researching some toddler-y tips for D-land. So far, I've heard that renting a stroller seems to be the way to go, getting to the kiddie rides first thing is important, and taking advantage of the kid/mother resting areas.
Do you guys have any other tips that we should keep in mind?

I bought these shirts from Tator Tot's Boutique on Etsy. I LOVE how they turned out! They are borderline small-ish. They fit right now, but there's not a lot of room to spare... so I really hope the kid doesn't go through a growth spurt or anything. I paid good money for those shirts and he better get some good use out of them! I ordered size 24 months, specifically not 2T, because I was worried that 2T would be too big. But the 24 month shirts that she used are actually the same size as all of Jax's 18month shirts. So that's a bummer. BUT like I said, they fit now so I have high hopes that they'll still fit in a month! Aren't they adorable?!

I haven't been to D-land in about 7 years and I really can't wait to go back and see it through the eyes of my child!


  1. Hey Jenna! Husband's family and I are big Disneyland people. Best tips I can give you:

    1. Bring tons of snacks (and then some more!) Park food gets expensive, even for little things like fresh fruit.

    2. We always go with a Camel Pak full of water. Keeps us hydrated through the long day and it's one less thing we don't have to buy. The nurse's station off of Main Street has a cold water fountain.

    3. Speaking of Main Street- there's a Mother's room just before the nurse's station. It's great for changing diapers, feedings, etc.

    4. If Jax isn't afraid- stay in the park at least one night to watch the firework show. It's worth the wait.

    5. I have an 8-yr-old brother in law. We always take a picture of him with our cell phones right when we enter the park every MORNING. Disneyland is safe but you can never be too careful. This way- if he does wander- we can show the workers exactly what he was wearing and what he looks like. Jax is smaller so he'll probably be in your arms more :) But just a thought.

    6. At 4 or 4:30pm by the flag pole at the front of Main Street they lower the flag each day and honor those in each branch of the military. It's a very sweet, special ceremony. I cried. I think it's something your family will enjoy, especially since Ryan just got back.

    Hope you guys have a LOT of fun!

  2. It's going to be so much fun to experience Disneyland through Jax! It's so fun. I love the shirts you got, I found some on etsy and am totally copying their idea and making them myself!