Saturday, November 27, 2010

18 months!

We're about a week away from Jax turning 18 months old. WOW. Where did the time go? He's about to be closer to TWO than he is to ONE. It's really true when people say that time flies, because the last 18 months certainly have flown by. I'm happy to say that he is slowly gaining weight and now weighs 23 pounds. Yay! He is also 32 inches tall. I forgot to ask what percentiles those number are in, so maybe I'll try to look it up online and figure it out myself.

I'm amazed at all of his new developments. He is picking up new words Today I asked him what he wanted for lunch and he said "pizza". Ha! He got chicken nuggets instead :) He is always repeating what we say... so I need to be careful not to say things that I don't want repeated! He is also working on his last 3 teeth. They are all so close to coming through and then he'll have all his baby teeth, except for his 2-year molars which are hopefully still a little ways off.

He's really great at following direction... but he's also really great at being stubborn and acting like he can't hear me. Overall though, he's such a great little boy. He is constantly cracking me up! He is ALL boy and he loves to be outside or wrestle or run around yelling and banging things together. I am so blessed to have him as my little man!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day!

We had a great Thanksgiving today! We started the day with cinnamon rolls, bacon, coffee and orange juice. Jax was a great helper!

After breakfast we cleaned the house and worked on cooking a Thanksgiving feast. Jax and I took a break from things to head to Ryan's grandparents house. Jax had a great time playing with this baby. He LOVES babies and I can't wait to give him a sibling. He's going to be such a great big brother!

This is the sisters/cousins with our little ones. From left to right- Ryan's sister Val, his cousin Amanda, his cousin Aly with Madison, and his sister Jenny with Elijah. And of course his wife, me :) with my sweet boy.

The patriarch, Grandpa Del giving a little speech to everyone

We left Ryan's grandparent's house just before they sat down to eat. Unfortunately they had planned to eat about an hour before my family, so Jax and I couldn't do both. We headed back to my parent's house to finish up the cooking and get some food in our bellies! Here's all the "kids" (cousins) on my mom's side. Bottom row, left to right is my brother Ryan, cousins Joey, Jacob, Elena and Emma. Top row, left to right are my cousins Stephanie, Nate and Kevin. Steph and Nate's daughter Willow was taking a nap so she's the only one not in this picture.

My mom and I made lots of food and even tried a few new recipes. It all turned out super yummy!

Of course, the main event... the TURKEY! Doesn't it look devine?!

With all the excitement, Jax didn't get much of a nap today so he was exhausted before we even ate dinner. Elena had a great time playing with and taking care of him and he loved snuggling with her.

He got a second wind a little while later and he had a great time playing with his Uncle Ry!

I am SO thankful for this little guy. He lights up my life!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Things I am thankful for this holiday season... in no particular order...

-my health
-my loving husband
-my wonderful son
-my parents and their willingness to let us live with them temporarily
-my in-laws for not being obnoxious or annoying
-my tried-and-true girlfriends
-the beautiful cooler weather
-my husband's ability to provide for us and love us, even from far away
-good memories of old times
-my Mojo doggy
-Toy Story 3 (ha!)
-my gym membership (although I pay for that... but I'm still thankful for it :) )
-the ladies in my Bible Study
-Beth Moore for writing the Bible Study
-Coffee and sweats on a cold day
-My Savior and Lord!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 Musketeers

As most of you know, Jax has two good friends who were both born in June 2009. Jax is the oldest (by 8 days) born on the 3rd, Max was born on the 11th and Ben was born on the 30th. Max and Ben's mommies and I have been enjoying opportunities to let the boys play together. Last week, I ended up watching both of them for an afternoon. They are really getting to the age where they are starting to play together and they do so well! They were so cute sharing their toys, binkies and juices. I did make sure that they weren't actually swapping any spit. Ha! I didn't get any pictures of all three of them because Ben slept most of the afternoon, then Max left before he woke up. Maybe I'll get some pictures of all 3 next time, but I still got some cute ones of each of them!

Max reading a book all by himself :)

Jax and Ben drinking their matching juice. Ha!

"Here's your binky, Jax"

Ha! Max wasn't actually elbowing Jax... but I sure caught a funny picture!

Handsome Ben!

Ben sharing his lovey with Jax

Cool Dude
I hope we can get these 3 together again soon... they sure do make a cute trio :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This past week has been a little up and down. Jax is working on his eye teeth, plus he's had a cold for the past few days. This basically means lots of TV watching and binky sucking. I'm not a fan of him still having his binky at 18-months, HOWEVER... we will be flying back to North Carolina in March and transitioning back there. So I have no intention of taking it away before that. And for times like this, it's a life saver. He will not have it on his 2nd birthday, but who knows when it will disappear before that.

I took him with me to Bible study this morning because I really hate to miss it, especially when it's a video week (every other week). Plus it's our last week until after Thanksgiving. So I went prepared with laptop, binky and Toy Story 3 in hand. Man, that kid is obsessed with that movie. I think we've watched in 5 times in the last 2 days. The good thing about that is that it distracts him. I plopped him in the corner in front of my laptop, gave him his binky, his juice and some grapes and he was a happy camper for over an hour. Although I'm not an advocate of using TV as a babysitter, I am SO thankful for technology at times like these.

To top it off, I started feeling not-so-great this afternoon. It doesn't surprise me that I'm catching whatever he has... isn't that how it's supposed to happen? Ha! Thanks for putting up with my posts lately. I know things haven't been fine and dandy, but I PROMISE to update with some cute pictures of Jax and his two friends in the next few days. Yay! In the meantime, I would covet some prayers for me and my boy. Thanks ya'll :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Good, Some Bad

Which do you want first? Good or bad? I always start with bad so that I can end with something good!

Here's my "bad" list: a.k.a - things that are annoying me right now

-Having 8 million pregnant friends (maybe a slight exaggeration)
-Having daily reminders of these pregnant friends on Facebook
-Living in someone else's house
-Jax waking up in the middle of the night
-Always being paged to the nursery at church because Jax is wailing
-Using a borrowed, and much smaller than my own, car
-Losing 15 pounds but still having a flabby baby belly
-Being bored. A lot.

Ok, now let's be a little more optimistic! Happy things...

-Jax saying lots of words, most of them new (Mama, dada, boppa, nana, grama, bye-bye, ball, uh-oh, please, milk, towel, Jax, Mojo, binky, juice, snack, hot, cheese, NO, football, baseball)
-Jax knowing his body parts
-Jax knowing his animal sounds
-Thanksgiving in 2.5 weeks
-Christmas in 6.5 weeks
-Tuesday morning Bible study
-Spin class
-Losing 15 pounds (that's 5 pounds less than pre-baby weight!!)
-Buying new clothes in smaller sizes

I truly am very blessed and have a lot to be thankful for. What are your current bad and good lists?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My week in pictures

I've been in a pretty down-and-out mood this week. I can't put my finger on the reason, but I have zero motivation to do anything (hence, why I haven't written all week. Sorry.) and everything is getting on my nerves. Instead of talking more, I will just show ya'll some fun pictures of what my week looked like...

Grama Nora and Michelle (my MIL) making pomegranate jelly


A new Mickey Mouse toy!

Spending time with my favorite nephew

Sweet boy, Elijah

Toy Story 3... for the millionth time

I hope you all have had a fun and eventful week... happy Sunday and happy Daylight Savings :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


We had a great Halloween this year! We went to church in the morning and I made a last minute decision to put Jax in his Batman pajamas. I didn't want to get him all dressed up in his real costume, but I thought it would be fun for him to have something on for church. He wore his shirt and cape... and was so stinkin' cute!

We spent the afternoon relaxing and painting pumpkins. We ran out of time to carve them so I think we might do that this week just for fun... and to use the seeds for roasting. Yum!

We went to our church's annual Pumpkin Patch for the evening. Every Halloween they put together this big event with bounce houses, pony rides, games, music, candy and food. It's a blast! I haven't been in years and it was so fun to be able to take Jax. He had a lot of fun too!

Always going down the slide!

Of course our best friends were there!

Playing lots of games

Pony ride

I hope ya'll had a great Halloween too... and now, HELLO HOLIDAYS!!!