Thursday, July 4, 2013

It's here... 12 months!

Lexi Nicole, you are ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!!

How has an entire year passed by since THIS day??

Lexi has added so much joy and happiness to our family over the last year. It been amazing to watch her grow and develop, and to watch Jax turn into an amazing big brother. 

I don't have 12 month stats for her yet because her well baby check isn't for a few weeks, but I will update with those once I get them. 

Ya'll, this girl is SO SO opinionated.... and I just don't know where she gets it? (wink wink). She knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to let you know. When she wants something that you have, she screams at you until you give it to her... or until you tell her no, in which case she starts bawling. When she wants more food, she jams her fingers together (sign language for "more") and says "mo, mo, mo, mo" until you give her more. And when she's done with something, she signs "all done", but does it violently and in your face. She is seriously something else!   

She is such a sweet girl and loves to see familiar faces. She gets a big grin on her face when Daddy/Nana/Grammy/our best friends/anyone she knows walks through the door. She also loves to wave at anyone and anything. Yes, sometimes she just waves at nothing. Ryan says it's because she sees angels :)

Here are all of her monthly pictures that I've taken. 
I was much better at this with her than I was with Jax!

1, 2, 3
 4, 5, 6
 7, 8, 9
10, 11, 12

Happy birthday, my beautiful girl!!!

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  1. How adorable! And she looks like such a sweet, happy girl! Happy first birthday, Lexi. :)