Monday, August 6, 2012

1 month!

I can't believe Lexi is one month old already! That sure went by fast! The first week(ish) of her life was a little rough. I felt like there were constant things wrong with her, most of which turned out to be more normal than I realized (peely skin, blood in her urine, hardly peeing... it seemed like a never ending list). Add to that the trouble we've had with breastfeeding, plus her inability to gain weight quickly enough, and I was a little bit of a wreck. A few weeks later and most of our problems have now resolved themselves... and I have a happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl that I get to enjoy each day!

A few 1-month stats-
*She nurses on demand and/or every 2-2.5 hours
*She weighs 7 pounds 13 ounces! (Finally gaining weight!)
*She just started smiling at us. I realize it's a bit early, but it has happened at least 5 times, so we know it's for real, even if it doesn't happen every day!
*She loves bath time
*She is content in the swing, the bouncer, her car seat and sometimes the floor
*She still likes to lay on her side, although I make sure she's on her back to sleep
*She still wears newborn clothes and diapers, and probably will for awhile 
*She is adored by her big brother. He loves to sing to her or get her mimi (pacifier) when she's sad

Happy 1-month, sweet girl!!


  1. Wow a month old already!? She is to cute

  2. So so precious!!! LOVE that she's already smiling at you! Too cute!

  3. It gets better?!?oh I hope for Re sake! He hates everything but moms chest...what type of pacey does she take? We can't find a winner @ all! She's a total doll! So so sweet!

    1. Thanks :) She uses the Soothie pacifiers. It's the same one they have at the hospital. It's shaped most like a nipple so it helps avoid nipple confusion. And yes, it does get better! The more you learn about him, the more you'll know what works and doesn't for him. First babies are hard too because you're more worried about everything. I'm much more relaxed this time around. Plus I can't just sit an hold her like I did with Jax, since I have a 3yo to take care of too. Although I do hold her during his naptime and in the evenings :) You can do this!! By the way, I tried to reply by email but your email isn't connected to your blog. Look up how to set it up so I can write you back that way!

    2. Oh poop good to know about the email!
      Soothie... Illlook into it, we need one bad!