Monday, February 4, 2013

7 Months

Lexi Nicole is 7 months old today!

She has been such a joy over this past month.

This is such a fun age and we are soaking it all in! 

She loves to sit and play with anything she can get her hands on. She usually prefers if it's not actually one of her toys, but one of Jax's... or a piece of tape or a kitchen tool or anything else random that isn't intended for a baby. 

She LOVES to bounce and is always bouncing around even if she's not in her jumper or excersaucer. It makes for very interesting meal times because we can't get her to sit still!

We are working on getting her on a more consistent schedule. All the travel and sickness over the holidays really did a number on her sleeping, so I'm finally trying to get her back on track. The last few days have gone really well! Here's what her typical day looks like (or at least what I hope it looks like)...

5am- wake up and bring her into our bed, half sleep until Jax wakes up around 6/630
630/7am- nurse
8am- breakfast (fruit and rice or oatmeal)
930am- nap 
1030am- nurse
12pm- lunch (fruit and veggie, sometimes with rice or oatmeal, water)
1pm- nurse and nap
230/3pm- snack (puffs or freeze dried fruit)
4pm- nurse
5pm- nap
6pm- dinner (veggie and chicken, sometimes with rice or oatmeal, water)
7pm- nurse and bathtime
8pm- bed

At this point she's usually waking up twice at night and I'm nursing her during those times. I'm hope that this new schedule will help her to sleep better at night. If not, we'll be doing some (more) sleep training once we move back to Fresno. 

For her food we're also doing a little bit of baby led weaning, so she gets lots of bites of whatever we are eating. I also give her chunks of fruit and veggies that she can feed herself. 

Some stats from the past month-

*She weighs 15ish pounds
*6 month clothes
*Size 3 diaper
*She started feeding herself finger foods
*She started drinking out of a sippy cup (but only one sip at a time)
*She got her first tooth! It took 2 LONG weeks to come through. Ugh!
*She sat in a swing at the park for the first time
*She sleeps on her side with her head arched back. Super weird.
*She launches forward from sitting, up and over her knees, and smoothly lands on her tummy

Happy 7 months Lexi girl!

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