Friday, April 5, 2013

9 months old

9 months... also known as way too close to one year!

I think I say it every month, but I just can't believe how old she is!

This month has been really fun. Lexi's little personality is starting to develop and she is becoming a very happy, giggly little girl. Jax was always very serious, and at first it seemed like Lexi was too. But recently she's become much more happy-spirited. She randomly just laughs and giggles... sometimes at nothing, which is kind of weird, but obviously very cute. She is always kicking her feet and bouncing around. She LOVES Jax and he loves doing anything to make her laugh. One of her favorite things is when he goes across the room, then comes running toward her. She kicks her legs, squeals with delight, then buries her face in my shoulder and starts cracking up. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever!

 She is still a great eater and will eat most anything we put in front of her. Some of her favorites are avocado, banana, mandarin oranges, strawberries, pasta and chicken. She may or may not also really like chocolate :) She is also still a terrible sleeper. I honestly don't understand how she was the BEST sleeper when she was a newborn (she only woke up once at night), and now she wakes up at least twice, if not three times each night. Being sick over the holidays, plus getting (almost) 6 teeth over the past two months has completely ruined her sleep. Not cool.

Here are some of her stats for the month--

*16.8 pounds (22nd percentile... up from 11th percentile! Yay solid food!)

*28 inches (72nd percentile)

*18 inches head circumference (93rd percentile... awesome.)

*Size 3 diapers

*Just starting to move into 9 month clothes

*Size 2 shoes

*STILLLLLL not crawling, or pulling up to standing. Although, she is definitely getting close to crawling. She stretches and bends her legs to reach things and turns herself all around while sitting on her butt. 

*She hates being strapped into her carseat but once you give her a pacifier and get her completely buckled, she's content. We're about to move her to the bigger convertible carseat since we rarely carry her in the infant carrier anymore.

*She is currently fighting a double ear infection and a little cough. Amoxicillin isn't helping her ears, and I really don't want to load her up on antibiotics anyway, so I'm currently trying some natural remedies (breast milk drops, garlic oil drops, essential oils) to see if those will help.

Overall, this month has been great and she is such a joy to our family.

Happy 9 months, sweet girl. We love you!


  1. what a cute little face she has .shows a fun personality there.!!!!.. of course teething does that, its so painful that sleeping through the night is a no no... it will pass though and she will resume her sleeping properly I am sure.. Mind you, my last two were 18 months apart and for the first four years woke me up alternate hours all and every night!! So don't pay any attention to me.. luckily they were the last two of five.. and if I had had them first I probably would not have had the five!! Anyway, its not worth getting upset about, although bad nights turn you into a zombie, but it will be ok soon I hope for you.. in the meantime hugs from another mother across the pond... janzi

    1. Thanks Janzi! I'm sure the sleep will get better soon... At least, I hope so!

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  3. I can't believe how big she is getting! Jenna, she is SUCH a pretty baby girl! It just stood out to me again in these pictures - what a cutie!