Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 Months!

Miss Lexi girl turned 4 months old on Sunday. 

Time sure is flying. 

This month has been full of milestones! 

Here are some stats...

-She weighs 12 pounds 3 ounces (12th percentile, up from 8th percentile!)

-She is 29 inches long (50th percentile)

-She wears 3 month or 3-6 month clothes. The 3 months clothes won't fit much longer

-She wears a size 2 diaper, but we'll be moving her up soon

-She takes 3-4 naps each day

-She goes to bed around 830pm, wakes up sometimes between 2-4am to eat, then goes back to sleep until 630am(ish). We're working on cutting out that middle of the night feeding.

-She started rolling front to back and is close to rolling back to front

-She sat in the exersaucer for the first time

-She has started sitting in her highchair to join us for dinner

-She loves to chew on anything she can get her hands on

-She has started escaping her swaddle and always ends up with her hands above her head (I'm not ready to unswaddle her yet. She doesn't sleep well enough without it. Boo.)

-She loves to babble and coo

-She's very squirmy and wiggly. I think she's going to be an early crawler. Eek!

Happy FOUR MONTHS beautiful girl! 


  1. 4 months already, wow. She is such a doll

  2. So precious!! I don't want to think about going without the swaddle. We don't sleep well without it, either!