Monday, July 29, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

I did not mean to drop off the face of the Earth halfway through the commenting challenge last week! Thursday turned into a super busy day and time got away from me. I had some last minute house guests for the weekend, so I've been a little pre-occupied. 

My two cousins came over from the coast on Thursday. My 16-year-old cousin stayed with me, which meant a lot of girl talk ;) and my 11-year-old cousin stayed with my parents for a few nights, then at our house for a night. They just left a few hours ago, so I have a chance to jump on my computer for a quick post!

The kids absolutely loved having our cousins here! 
They got a lot of play time and one-on-one attention for four days straight. 

We've been trying to stay busy... having fun and making memories before school starts again in a few weeks (what?!!)

Sibling window lovin'

Park days

Backyard fun...
giant ice block with toys frozen inside + hammers to smash them out = tons of fun!!

Girlfriend already loves to accessorize!

And this one is always being silly!

The last 5-ish days have also been draining because Lexi hasn't been feeling well. She has a yeast diaper rash, which is really hard to get rid of. We always try to avoid medication that isn't necessary, but that sometimes means it takes a little longer for things to heal. However, the apple cider vinegar and coconut oil we've been using are working their magic and it's starting to look SO much better. In the middle of all this, she also had a reaction to her MMR vaccine from last week and had a fever and spots all over her body. Poor baby just can't catch a break! 

Yes, that's 2 AM. She was up for almost 3 hours in the middle of the night. 
Mama was tired the next day.

BUT she is on the mend and has been in a much better mood, so I'm looking forward to this week being much less dramatic!

Happy Monday, friends!

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