Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We are recovering from all the festivities last week and taking it easy this week.
I haven't posted iPhone/Instagram pictures in foreverrr.
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So here are some recent pictures... and by recent, I mean that some may be up to 2 months old. Ha! Also, sorry if I've posted any of these before. It just means they must be extra cute!

Sweet sister at the splash pad.
I'm sad to pack away all her red/white/blue!

 It's a shame that these two don't like each other ;)

Stunna shades.
And yes, we bought both the hat and the sunglasses.
I mean, how could we resist this cuteness?

Y'all didn't know I actually had 3 kids...

First garden pick... a "chubby monkey" carrot, as Jax called it. Haha!
A certain 4-year-old didn't want anyone touching his Legos.
A certain 1-year-old was very determined to get them.

Jax has mastered swimming!!!
He can jump in, turn around, swim back to the edge and get out.
He can also swim across the pool, flipping over for a breath as needed.
Go buddy!!

We had a car wash (aka- a bucket of soapy water and a sponge) out back for a bunch of Jax's toys.
The kids loved it!

An animal guy came and did a presentation at our local library.
Jax helped hold this ginormous snake. Eek!

It's not summer without a slip n slide!

Daddy helped Jax get some major momentum!

 Hi pretty girl in your cute swim suit!

I had about 15 red/white/blue outfits for her to wear during the time leading up to her birthday. 
I may be slightly obsessed. 

 Snuggle time with my lovey girl.

Happy hump day, friends!

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