Monday, May 6, 2013

10 months!

Miss Lexi turned 10 months old on Saturday!


She is at SUCH a great age! We are really starting to see the beginnings of toddler-y things start to happen. It love watching her mind work. She throws something over the edge of her high chair and knows to look down for it. Something rolls under the couch and she leans over to try and see it. She bangs two things together that make a loud noise, pauses to think about it, then starts banging them again... and again... and again. She hears her brother coming down the hall and she dives into my shoulder to hide herself from him, laughing all the while. She's losing a lot of her baby-ness, which makes me both happy and oh-so-sad all at the same time. 

There haven't really been a ton of changes physically this month. I think it's mostly just been brain development. She still isn't quite crawling, however she is SO very close. She can scoot/crawl backwards, turn herself in a circle, rock on all fours, hold herself in a plank position (which is hilarious!), and sometimes she sill move one leg forward as if she's going to crawl. But then she always just ends up on her belly. She has, however, figured out how to get her self from her belly, back up to sitting position. She can also pull herself up onto her knees in front of the couch or at her toy table. I'm not complaining too much about her not being able crawl, because once she does, things will definitely change around here. BUT it will make my life a little easier when I don't have to carry her from room to room when I'm doing things around the house!

Here's her monthly checklist---

*Approximately 17-18 pounds

*9 month clothes

*Size 2 shoes

*Size 3 diapers

*Usually wakes up once at night to eat, then wakes up at 5 and comes into our bed to sleep until Jax wakes up at 6

*Scooting backwards and rocking on her knees

*Favorite foods: strawberries, melon, blueberries, cheese sticks, pasta... and there isn't hardly anything she doesn't like

*Love, love, loves her sippy cup

*Loves being in the bathtub or pool

Happy 10 months, Lexi girl!

First birthday party planning has begun!!


  1. Oh my goodness, look at her! So cute! I love that last picture with all her little teeth showing!