Tuesday, June 4, 2013

11 months old!!

Well friends, here we are at the last monthly update before Lexi's first birthday! It's completely surreal to me that in just a few short weeks we will be singing happy birthday and watching my sweet girl smash her cake. And I have faith that she will be an awesome cake smasher! That girl loves her sugar :)

This month has been SO FULL of milestones for her. Basically, she has spent the last four weeks turning from a baby to an almost toddler. And my mama heart is so happy, and so sad all at the same time! I feel like she was born yesterday, and yet I watch this beautiful girl crawling (yes, crawling, finally!) around our house, laughing at her brother, saying real words, and having a {strong} opinion about things, and I realize that she's not a baby anymore. Ok, now that I'm crying writing this... let's move on to all the fun stuff that she's been doing.

I had to keep a list on my phone of all the new developments because I was so afraid that I would forget something. As I mentioned above, she is finally crawling! And she is loving her new-found freedom. She goes all over the house, usually following Jax around, and finding anything that could be used as a toy. She is also sleeping through the night pretty consistently. She usually sleeps 8-6/630. She usually crawls around her crib, lays down, then crawls around some more before she finally falls asleep. She is also a full-time tummy sleeper now. She has started playing while sitting on her knees, and seriously, THAT makes her seem so big! She is also pulling to standing in her crib, on me, and any other surface that is low enough and she can get a good grip on. She says mama specifically to me or when she wants me (she had been babbling it, along with dada and bubba, for a while). She is signing "all done" and is signing and saying "more". If y'all are keeping track, that's about 10 new things all in the last month! Talk about a huge developmental leap!

I am absolutely loving this stage that she is at. She's able to do so much, and her sweet personality is starting to develop, and I just love it!

The first birthday countdown is on!!!

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  1. 11 Months is such a big time for change!! She is just THE cutest!