Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: A Year in Review

I honestly felt like 2013 was a bit of an average year. 
Not bad, just nothing that was extra special. But that's okay! 
Every year doesn't have to be over-the-top amazing. Because that's just not real life.

 But next year? Well, we've got big things ahead of us ;)

Here's a little recap of 2013!


*Lexi turned 6 months old

*We found out that we were moving back home to central CA


*Lexi turned 7 months old

*We made some cute preschool and teacher valentines


*I wrote about how being a mommy to littles is hard

*I explained how we were becoming crunchy and gave you a few real food recipes


*I talked more about how we were becoming crunchy and talked about a few of our favorite products

*Lexi turned 9 months old

*Jax started t-ball with his friend Ben


*I showed you all of the Pinterest projects I have done in my house

*I talked about the kind of mom I want to be 


*Jax turned FOUR and had a pirate party

*I showed you Lexi's room


*Lexi turned ONE and we had a great Fourth of July party

*Jax took swim lessons

*I showed you Ryan's awesome Keurig hack

*I talked about some of my favorite Pinterest recipes


*We randomly went to Disneyland

*Jax asked Jesus into his heart and Lexi was dedicated at church

*I talked about how I struggle with fear and anxiety

*I launched my Etsy shop


*I wrote about teaching Jax about money

*I gave you a delicious recipe for caramelized banana bread with brown butter glaze

*I showed you our "real food" pantry

*I gave you another delicious recipe for pumpkin cookies with maple brown butter frosting


*Lexi turned 15 months old

*The kids and I went on a day trip to the coast


*I showed you some Halloween pictures


*I gave you a Christmas home tour

*I talked about some parties we had and gave you an amazing sangria recipe

*I showed you some pictures from our Christmas

I hope you have a wonderful, safe night tonight!

Goodbye 2013!

Hello 2014!

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  1. You have such a beautiful family, Jenna! Happy New Year!