Monday, June 17, 2013

Lexi's Room

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I finally have Lexi's room painted, decorated, and done! Since, ya know, she's almost a year old now. Geez! Since we lived in a rental house for the first 7 months of her life, I never really goto to decorate her nursery how I wanted. I made due with what we had, and used wall decals to help fill in the walls. But it always felt so empty and I was never really happy with it. So, when we moved into our new house, I was SO excited to be able to paint anything I wanted! And I am so happy with how everything in her room has turned out! I've already posted a few of these pictures in my Pinterest House post, but her are pictures of everything in her new room. 

 {Shelves with verses and pictures}

 {Crib bedding that my mom and I made. And LOVE.}

 {Curtains that I made from coordinating fabric and burlap}

{Bow holder that I made out of a decorative board from Michaels and drawer pulls from Lowe's }

{Headband holders that I made by spray painting command hooks to match}

{STRIPES! These took forever, but I love how they turned out!}

{Wreath mobile I made from a wreath form, leftover fabric, and leftover burlap}

{Letters I made from 6x6 square canvases, scrapbook paper, and painted letters}

I am finally loving her room! 

And completely ignoring the fact that it won't be long before we have to change it into a "big girl" room. Waaaaaah!