Saturday, January 26, 2013

Big Changes

Just one short week ago, we were happily living in the Bay Area. Jax was going to an awesome preschool, I had made quite a few new mommy friends, and we were feeling pretty content with life. Then God decided that His timing is perfect, and everything changed.

Let's backtrack.... When Ryan was getting out of the Army, we were pursuing jobs in our hometown of Fresno. We weren't having a ton of luck. Then my dad connected us with a job for the same company that he works for, but it wasn't in Fresno. We prayed over it and decided that living 2.5 hours away from family was much better than the 3000 miles that we were away in the Army. So we took the job and moved to the Bay Area, knowing that we would keep ours ears open for any opportunities in Fresno.

Back to last week... On Thursday I told Ryan how I was feeling so much more settled and content, and so happy that had made some new mommy friends. Little did I know that he already knew things were changing, and fast. On Friday evening he had me look at a list of houses to buy. I looked at the list and realized that the addresses were in Fresno (well, Clovis, more specifically). I was so confused and Ryan said "Oh, I didn't tell you? We're moving back home!". The same job Ryan does in the Bay Area opened up in Fresno, he called to put his name on the interview list and the manager said "When can you start?". Talk about God's hand in our lives! When Ryan told me, I immediately started crying. I was so happy and so sad all at the same time. Just one say prior I was talking about how I was feeling good about life, then all of sudden things completely changed. I was so happy that we were moving back home, but so sad to be leaving all the friends I had made, all of Jax's new friends, and especially his amazing preschool.

One week later and Ryan officially works in Fresno, we are under contract with a house that we are buying, and I have 30 days to pack up our life. Talk about fast!! I am so excited for this new chapter in our lives and I can't wait to get settled in our brand new house!

Thank you for prayers during this time. Ryan will be doing the same job, but has new things he has to learn for this area and will be traveling for training. Jax and Lexi can both sense the change and have been a little crazy/fussy over the past week. (Although Jax is also super excited). And I am figuring out all the little logistics of moving our family.... Again.

Here's to new beginnings!


  1. How blessed to be close and with your family!! I miss ya here

  2. Oh wow, praying for you as you make the move!