Wednesday, June 13, 2012


These days we are just passing time, waiting for Lexi to get here. We don't have anything planned over the next few weeks. We've just been playing with friends and running errands, trying not to get too bored. Here are some recent pictures of our life.

Jax loves to take pictures of himself with my phone. He was sitting on my lap and I was making him laugh. I love his little face so much!

I pulled out the rest of the baby gear and washed all the covers for everything. This line of baby junk made me giggle.

After putting things in the wash, I came out to find Jax just hanging out in the baby car seat. I laughed and asked him what he was doing, and he said "Look how cute I am!". HA!

I text this picture to my mom a few days ago. I managed maneuver my 9-months-pregnant body enough to paint my toes. (Why do pedicures have to be so expensive?!) I just had to take small breaks to breath ;)

Daddy/son snuggle time at Nana and Boppa's house last weekend. See Mojo all snuggled up with them?

We try to be outside a lot since the weather is nice, so we got some finger paints and spent some time on the patio painting pictures.

Jax thought his messy hands were pretty cool.

Happy Wednesday!

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