Friday, June 8, 2012

36 Weeks!

Only 4 weeks left! 28 days! I can't believe that I am officially "full term" next week. It's so exciting, but I keep reminding myself that Jax didn't come for almost 5 weeks after I was "full term" with him. Let's all pray that Little Miss decides to come much sooner than that!

I had another prenatal appointment yesterday. It was super quick and uneventful. Lexi measured right on track and her heartbeat sounded great. My doctor said "Now we just wait!". So that's what I'm doing. However, it's consuming my thoughts. I feel like all I think about these days is going into labor. Please pray it happens sooner than later!

Speaking of praying... here is a little updated prayer list for the next few weeks.
~~That I will go into labor on my own (hopefully a little early)
~~That I will be able to labor at home for as long as possible
~~That things will progress quickly 
~~That I will be able to relax and concentrate on a natural labor, without letting my previous birth experience scare me
~~That the doctors won't pressure me with a "timeline" of how things need 
to progress in my labor
~~That I will have a safe, natural VBAC

Thanks for keeping me in your prayers, friends!

Here is my picture this week

I got talked into still doing a comparison of my pregnancies. So here ya go...
I still can't believe how disgusting different I looked with Jax. My face, my arms, my belly, everything. So thankful that I'm within "normal weight gain" this time!

I don't have an appointment next week because of scheduling issues, but I'll be going back the following Tuesday. Hopefully there will be some good progress by then!


  1. If we're having a boy were thinking of naming him Jax. You look great. Hope you go into labor naturally & have a safe & fast delivery

  2. You look great, I can't believe your coming up on the end already! I'll pray she decides to come a bit early. :-)