Thursday, June 28, 2012

38 & 39 Weeks!

I missed my 38 week post last week. Mostly because I didn't have Ryan around to take my picture until Saturday morning (and I always forget to just pull out the tripod). As of last week, not much was happening. I saw the doctor last Tuesday and had absolutely no progress. WHAT?! At 35 weeks I was dilated to 1cm and was starting to efface. Then last week, nothing. I'm not sure if there was just a discrepancy between my doctor and the NP I saw last week (because my doctor was sick), or if I actually back tracked.

I went back to the doctor (I actually saw the midwife) this afternoon and I've made lots of progress! I'm 3cm dilated and 70% effaced! I knew all those painful Braxton Hicks had to be doing something! The midwife was really happy with how I'm progressing and doesn't think I'll go too far past my due date, if at all. I'm SO glad that things are actually progressing... I was pretty depressed after last week. Plus, 3 friends have all had their babies in the last 3 days, so that wasn't making me feel to happy either. I'm much more hopeful now that I know my body is doing what it's supposed to do!
Especially since it didn't with Jax.

Here is my picture from last week. I don't feel like I'm getting much bigger at this point. I've stayed the same for the past few weeks. I'm just getting more uncomfortable!

Ryan and I also did this maternity picture last week. I saw the idea on Pinterest and copied it. I LOVE how it turned out. Pregnancy is such a miracle from God!!

Here I am this week

And my sweet boy loving on his sister

No more comparisons with Jax because I stopped taking pictures with him at 38 weeks. I was so huge and miserable and I didn't want to remember any of it! I know I keep saying this, but I'm so thankful that I feel (and look) so much better this time.

I'm so anxious to have this girl. It's all I think about. I keep hoping that these Braxton Hicks will turn into the real thing, or that I will get up in the night to go potty and my water will break. I know it's just a matter of days, but I just can't wait to hold my sweet girl in my arms!!


  1. What sweet pictures!! I love the psalm one but honestly I love the one of your boy hugging you even more! Tugs at my heart strings!! Thanks for your support on the crazy talk. It's getting really old and I'm so afraid it'll get worse.

  2. I agree with April the pic of Jax kissing his sister is adorable. Hope all goes well for you, and soon. I'm visiting from Jenna's challenge. If you have time, be sure to visit my blog.

  3. I remember feeling the same exact way! I kept thinking I could be doing something to speed the process along. I felt guilty when people would ask me "when are you going to have that baby??" like I had a choice in the matter!
    Take this time to reflect on what you can learn from your pregnancy experience. I learned a valuable lesson of trust, one that carried over while I was delivering her. The more you can trust that your body knows what it is doing the more peace you will have. The little girl inside you, knows when she wants to be born, let her pick her birthday! and remember God put her there and he will help you through :) Love you lots and wish you the very best! I am so happy you finally will get your little girl! if you ever need me call!

  4. Awww I love that idea and the quote sooo great!

  5. You look beautiful! And I so wish I'd seen that idea of the verse on the belly back when I was pregnant! Great idea.