Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Her Nursery!

Things are finally (almost) done with Lexi's nursery. Bedding is made, clothes are washed and hung/folded, diapers and wipes are in place, and bows/headbands are ready and waiting to be placed on our sweet girl's head. Overall I'm happy with everything. I still have one wall that I don't quite know what to do with (see below). And it's hard because we are in a rental, so it really limits what we can do in terms of decorating. However, I think we've done a good job with what we've got. It's simple, but girly!

My mom and I made the crib skirt and bumper. The wall decal is from Buy Buy Baby.

I am so in love with the fabric and how it all turned out. It was hard, but totally worth it! 

This bow holder was the first thing I made for her and it was the first thing in her nursery. I think I'm going to have to add another ribbon to each side so it can hold more bows! 

(See those circle mirrors leaning against the wall? There are 3 of them and I think we are going to hang them on the wall, off-set from each other. I'm not sure I love the idea, but I'm at a loss. Any of you decorating folks care to weigh in??)

And we couldn't skip a little closet sneak peek. I actually still have a pile of clothes that needs hanging, but I'm out of hangers!

The nursery is done, both of our bags are packed... 
I am SO ready for her to be in my arms!