Monday, June 11, 2012

3 year check up!

Jax had his 3 year well child check up on Friday. It was his first time seeing his new doctor here in California and we loved her! She was great with him and super open and talkative with us. I'm really pleased with her and I'm glad we found someone that we like so that Lexi can see her too. 

I thought this tiny blood pressure cuff was so adorable! I told him it was measuring his big muscles and he thought that was pretty cool. 

  They also had him do an eye chart, which he passed with flying colors. Some of the pictures were SO tiny, I was impressed! My small boy weighed 29.7 pounds (28th percentile) and measured exactly 3 feet tall (12th percentile). The doctor was happy with his BMI, though. He's right where he needs to be. 

The day was extra great because he didn't have to get any shots! I had been warning him and prepping him for the "little poke", but apparently 3-year-olds don't need any shots. Next year he will have his last 3 shots, besides random boosters in future years, so that won't be fun. But it's a whole year from now... so who really cares?!

Overall, everything went great and I just can't believe how big and grown-up my little boy is. He's such an amazing little guy and I know that this next year will be full of trials, but also full of new and exciting things!

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  1. I thought the same thing about the cute little blood pressure cuff. Him & my 3 year old daughter weigh the same. He is too cute