Saturday, June 16, 2012

In-laws and Cherry Picking!

My in-laws just returned from an Alaskan cruise and on their drive back down the coast, they stopped by our house for a night. Jax was SO excited to see them and show them our "new house". It was the first time they had been able to visit us here.

 Grammy and Jax... being a stinker, of course.

They got him this cool hat, sunglasses and "pirate" necklace on their vacation.

After dinner, we went to Cold Stone and Jax had to wear all of his cool new gear. 
He was quite the sight :) 

Jax came into our room at 330am and asked if he could go wake up Grampy and Grammy. Ha! I took him back to bed, then at 6 he came back and asked again. Ryan had to get up anyway, so I let Jax go downstairs and jump on their bed to wake them up.

 We went to a local diner for breakfast, then headed to some 
nearby orchards to go cherry picking. 

Everything was already picked over on all the low branches, 
so Jax couldn't reach anything.

  Grampy was nice enough to climb way up on the ladder and 
get a bunch for all of us to take home.

We found some that were low enough for Jax to reach if he was lifted up. 

On our way out we found a tree that had some that were still out of reach, but a little lower than the others. I let Grammy take Jax up on the ladder and he had a blast! The kid has no fear. He was turning and reaching and stretching to get everything that was nearby. 
He would drop them down to the bucket and say "picked by Jax the farmer!". 
Haha! He is too funny. 

 He was very proud of his accomplishments and we ended up with a tummy full of cherries plus lots to take home and enjoy. 

I am so blessed to have fantastic in-laws and Jax is a lucky guy to have 2 sets of amazing grandparents. Their visit was short, but very fun and it was great to spend some time with them after not seeing them for awhile. They went back home and now are on standby until I go into labor!

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