Saturday, September 17, 2011


I've got lots of pictures for y'all this week! It's been a good week... It's finally fall! Our weather dropped drastically overnight on Thursday. It was in the upper 80's on Thursday, then lower 60's on Friday! It's been amazing, but we had to do some last minute cold weather clothes shopping for Jax. I'm certainly not complaining :)

Here's my sweet boy helping me with grocery shopping.

Did I mention that I made homemade goldfish crackers? No? Well I did. I'm super cool ;)

Jax was helping out Maroon 5... Apparently they needed some more drums.

"Mama, got my sunglasses, not bright anymore!"

I finished Jax's Halloween costume this week! Pirate says.... Arghhhh!

I will call the following group of pictures "Jax was playing games on my phone but turned on the camera and took 785,538,528 pictures of himself"

(I guess he figured out the swap button at this point.... No more face shots)

Some of our cold weather clothes shopping. Jax decided laying on the bottom of the cart was super cool.

We went to the mall today (blargh) to get new tires on Ryan's car. We ate lunch, rode on the carousel, some quarter rides, and window shopped. This is Jax's "happy face". Ha!

Yay cold weather clothes!!

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