Thursday, September 29, 2011

The cuteness

Jax is at such a great age. Yes, 2-year-olds are tough. And yes, he drives me crazy a lot. But he is also so much fun! He is always making me laugh and saying cute things and being so, SO sweet. 

 (The end table makes for a much better seat)
He constantly comes up to me and gives me hugs and says "awwwww.... Mommy.... awwww" and "I miss you too, Mommy". It melts my heart.
 (Trouble maker!!!)
The other day, he squatted down, held out his hands and said "Mojo, come to papa". Ha! Where does he get these things?!
 (Apparently Maroon 5 needed some help with drumming)
On the way home from gymnastics this morning, Jax decided to name each restaurant we passed. The whole ride was narrated with "I want Red Robin", "I want Panda", "I want ice cream", "I want McNodles", "I want Chic way (ChickFilA)". You would think we only ever eat out!

(Because it's much more fun to watch a movie on the tiny DVD player than on the regular TV)
He loves to sing songs. His favorites are "Wheels on the Bus", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and "ABC's". His ABC's go like this- "ABC, ABC, next time see you soon". Ha! He hasn't quite learned that one yet. He also started counting to 10 (in the right order!). He loves to play hide and seek, and tag. He loves Ring Around the Rosie. He constantly asks me to make him popcorn. He would eat it at every meal if I would let him. He insists on putting his own shoes on. He loves his "puppy Mojo" and is always asking "Mommy, where's my puppy Mojo?"

He is such a sweet, sweet boy and I couldn't have asked for a better kid!!

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