Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Little Bit of Life

Well, I guess when I said to check back in a few days, I really meant about a week. Oops. Sorry about that. I got caught up in.... life...  I guess. Honestly, we haven't had much going on and that is partly (maybe mostly) because Hubs has been gone for the last month. He was doing Army business in Thailand, so I've been a single mommy... which is nothing new for us Army wives. Not that I'm complaining! It's been tons of fun potty training Jax by myself ;) All kidding aside, I don't like to make it public knowledge that I'm home by myself, so I haven't said anything. However, as we speak Ryan is getting on a plane from DFW to Fayetteville, so I think I'm safe now!

I've actually been very focused on getting our house as pretty as possible. We have two showings tomorrow (pray for us!) and, since I've been home alone, all the getting ready has been up to me. It's actually been relaxing to clean all the little things and organize things and touch up paint and trim the shrubs. Well, maybe not that last one. But the rest of it has been lovely. It makes me excited to get out of here and back to sunny California.

I've been keeping Jax with very little to no clothes on all day so that he doesn't mistake underwear for diapers. But this means that all the pictures of him over the past 2 weeks are  either half-naked pictures, or full-frontal. This is also why I haven't been posting as much, because really, who wants to read posts with no pictures? Every once and a while it's appropriate, but most of the time it's no fun that way! 

I'll leave you, friends, with some cute things Jax has said recently....

Yesterday, I had asked him to put his shoes on. His reply? "The wheels on the bus say no no no!" I swear, he is the funniest kid I know!

He has also informed me that for Halloween he would like to be a pirate, a truck, a cowboy with a horsie, a robot, Thomas, and "Ka-chow" (aka Lightening McQueen). This kid sure has a lot of requests!

I can't believe we are already thinking about Halloween costumes! Bring on the fall weather and the pumpkin flavored yummies!!

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  1. HA! I never knew about the possible confusion between underwear and diapers! That's too funny.