Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look who's a big boy!

There have been 2 big developments in the Hansen household over the last 2 weeks.

Development #1

A certain 2-year-old is now in a toddler bed! I had been putting it off as long as possible for two reasons. (And really, we could have waited longer but we decided to bite the bullet). Reason one: he never tried to climb out of his crib so we decided to just keep him contained for the sake of.... us being selfish. Ha! Two: he's growing up too fast and a big boy bed = a big boy. And that makes me sad.

We decided to bite the bullet and he has been doing SO well! He didn't try to get out of bed, he just laid down and went right to sleep. And in the morning, he still called for me to come get him. It took about a week before he realized that he could get out of bed once he woke up. This is fine except that he wakes up at the crack of dawn. BOO! He was "sleeping in" until 630 or 7. Then he woke up at 6. Then he woke up at 545. Then he woke up at 520. Then he woke up at 445. No joke. I took him back to his bed but it only lasted about 5 minutes before he was up again. I finally got him to lay with Ryan and I in our bed for awhile.

So the last few mornings have included a lot of experiments to figure out what to do. He's consistently waking up at 530 these days, which is WAY to early for me. Sometimes I put him back in bed and he goes back to sleep until about 615. Other days he climbs up in our bed. Other days I turn on cartoons for him in his playroom and either go back to bed or sleep on the couch next to him. Y'all I am not a morning person! And my smarty pants kiddo realized that by saying "mama, I have to pee pee", that I would get up with him instead of putting him back to bed. It's still a work in progress, but overall he is doing amazingly well.
(PS- these pictures are of him pretending to be asleep so he can demonstrate how he is such a big boy :) )

Development #2

He is pretty much fully (daytime) potty trained!! The last two days he has been in big boy undies all day and hasn't had any accidents. AND has told me when he has to go potty instead of me always having to ask. I'm not going to tackle night time potty for awhile because most days he still wakes up with a pretty wet diaper. But, I am so proud of him for doing so well during the day!

But again... big boy undies = a big boy. And that makes me sad!

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  1. OH MY GOD! I can't believe it! These are HUGE! Congrats :)