Thursday, January 22, 2009

One of those days...

It started out good. Breakfast with my hubby, then off to Mommies Group, then lunch. I ran some errands with Jen, Taylor and Brecken. Spent money that I probably shouldn't have. Came home to a package... the book "Expecting"! Thanks mom! It really doesn't sound like it's been such a bad day, but for some reason I'm just tired, moody and all the little problems are feeling compounded into big, giant problems. I suppose I do actually know the reason... I'M PREGNANT. Duh. It's always the explanation when I'm moody or having a bad day. But I still feel like there's a weight on my shoulders. So much to deal with. Ryan getting screwed by Troy University, filing our taxes, the Army forcing us to spend money we don't have on a nice suit, Ryan being in the field when he is supposed to drive me to the airport next month, trying to be a good wife and mommy (and grown-up), blah blah blah. I know God doesn't give us things we can't handle and I'm sure there is some lesson on patience and trust in all of this mess. But right now, I just wanna curl up and cry. Thanks preggo hormones.

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