Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moving and Shaking

Well... not so much shaking, but Jax was moving around a lot today. It's been really cool to feel him more and more. He's also getting stronger because his kicks are a lot harder than the taps I used to feel. I went to Mommies Group at church and I think he might have heard all the other kids playing. He wanted to join in! It felt like he was kicking both his feet, alternating one foot then the other. TAP! TAP! TAP! It was funny. He just wants to be here so badly, but I keep praying that he stays in as long as he needs to in order to come out strong and healthy. 

Mommies Group has been really fun so far. I just recently started going, but I have enjoyed each time I was there. It's nice to be able to talk to people who are at similar places in their lives. We pretty much just talk about baby and kid stuff. We have a brief lesson each week, which is more of a discussion than anything else. It's fun to hear other mommy's thoughts on God and raising children. It's also nice to get tips and advice about baby products, clothes and toys. There is something strange though... all the kids are BOYS! I'm not joking, there is only ONE girl. That girl is Jen Levy's 2-year-old Taylor. There are about 8 other kids, including Jax in my tummy, and they are all boys! How bizarre. They range in age from 2 weeks old to about 18-20 months. You would think that statistically there would have to be some girls, but nope. Not true. There are other mommies who come and go, and they have girls. But boys definitely rule Mommies Group. I guess it's good I'm having a boy :)

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