Friday, January 16, 2009

22 weeks

Holy cow... I can't believe I'm already at 22 weeks. I know I still have 18 weeks left, but I just feel like 22 is so far along. My THIRD trimester is only a few weeks away. WOW! I definitely feel like I haven't been pregnant for that long. At the same time, I am definitely starting to feel very pregnant. I'm going to steal a phrase from Amanda Jones (Beth Moore's daughter) and start calling myself Pregnant Girl. Now let me tell you, she is 35 weeks and now calls herself Very Very Pregnant Girl. I'm not there yet, but I think I will be graduating to Very Pregnant Girl soon. I am starting to just feel heavy and big. Which is crazy, because I'm not big! My tummy is growing but it is in no way considered "big". But I do have a harder time moving around. It is harder for me to get off the couch, or get out of bed (so I just stay put most of the time!!). I can barely reach my feet to put on socks, tie my shoes or paint my toes. Praise Jesus for whoever invented pedicures! I just keep thinking "If I feel this big already, I'm going to be MISERABLE in the next few months". The good news is, it will end and there is a fantastic "prize" in the end :) 

So, I sound like I'm complaining, but I truly am enjoying being pregnant. It's something that I will only get to do a few times in my life (3 or 4...or 5, God willing) and it truly is a miracle to think about everything that goes on. A little tiny human is growing inside of me. Crazy! Jax is almost a pound now and he is about 11 inches long. I know that's still very small, but it seems so big when I think about the fact that we used to think about him as a poppy seed. Each week seems to fly by and I know the next few weeks will go even faster. Then it's home to California for my baby shower. WooHoo! 

Oh, and one more thing... my belly button is starting to pop! I'll take some pictures once it actually pops out, but right now it is just looking a little deformed. Each day that goes by, it disappears more and more. It's kind of funny :)


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