Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I thought this picture of my boys was so sweet. They were just snuggling, watching a movie, and I couldn't help but snap a photo. Love them.

We picked up a few things at Joann's the other day and we found this little hat in the dollar section. Perfect photo opp, obviously

Jax always loves to put my headbands on. The other day he decided to put on all the ones he could find at one time.

Crazy kid!

"Mommy, I'm gonna hug my toy, can you take a picture of me?"
Ummm.... Sure....

Pretend sleeping in our bed... Notice the sneaky smile

 I did a prenatal exercise video this morning and was resting on the couch afterward. Jax came up and started hugging and kissing the baby... SO sweet!!

On another random note, I am SO sad that Picnik is closing! I just recently posted about how I had rediscovered it as a way to do my comparison pictures with my pregnancies. Boo! Anyone know of something similar??

And finally... we have our gender ultrasound this morning!!! Stay tuned for the big reveal!


  1. Can't wait to hear the news. I was just at the dollar store the other day and picked up a St. Patty's day headband for my daughter. Love the dollar store.

  2. So sad about picnik:( and can't wait to here what your having!