Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well I am typing this from my brand new iPad! We decided to spend a little bit of our savings to buy ourselves an iPad before we hit the road back to California. Partially so that Jax can watch movies on it during the drive, but also just because it is fun/useful for us to have :) I haven't posted pictures from my phone recently, so I thought it would be good to show you some recent goings-on around here! Showing off his blue Icee tongue at Monkey Joe's

Sharing a beater with Mojo

This kid loves tepanyaki!

Snuggling with Mojo by the warm fire

Waiting for Daddy at the dentist. I forgot to charge the DVD player ahead of time... Oops!

Riding in the fire truck with Bert and Ernie

Trying on the pregnant belly at Motherhood Maternity

We cleaned out our shed in preparation for moving and Jax was so excited to play with a bunch of his old baby stuff

And here he is enjoying our new toy... He was especially excited about "BIG angry birds!"

This week is going to be filled with lots of phone calls to figure out living arrangements, getting some extra stuff sold, and transferring my medical coverage. We're less than a month away from hitting the road!