Monday, January 16, 2012


We sold Ryan's car yesterday morning! So now we are a one-car family. The plan is to buy Ryan a car in California, but it probably won't be right away. However, I don't want to be stuck at home all the time, so it will definitely be as soon as possible!

We spent the afternoon and evening hanging out, watching football, and grilling some burgers. A friend of Ryan's came over and brought elk burgers. I've never had elk before but it was pretty good. A little more game-y than I would prefer, but not bad. He also brought appetizers... Small pieces of duck breast with a slice of jalapeƱo wrapped in bacon. I'd never had duck before either (that I can remember), but they were so good! And I failed to get any pictures. Boo me!

I do, however, have some other pictures for you guys.

Here is my little belly from my angle... I already can't see my toes. What?!

We went to the kids museum on Wednesday and Jax was having fun playing with the construction stuff. He kept putting the goggles right on top of his eyes.

We took him to Beauty and the Beast a few nights ago and he sat through the whole thing! He had such a blast eating popcorn and M&Ms, and wearing the cool 3d glasses.

He has always been a snuggler!

Ryan has wanted to learn guitar for years so he finally bought one. Jax is pretty enthralled by it!

I have a cute video of Jax singing that isn't uploading for some reason, but I will try to get that up as soon as possible. It's pretty darn cute!

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