Thursday, January 12, 2012

15 weeks!

I'm settling into my second trimester and feeling pretty good. Only 25 weeks to go! Ha... that sounds like a lot.

I'm certain that I've felt a few baby movements this week. I think that I can feel it more easily since I've been through this before and I can identify what I'm feeling. I know I've said this, but I just can't wait until I feel this baby moving all the time!

He or she is about 4 inches from crown to rump and weighs about 2.5 ounces... approximately the size of an apple. However, I've never understood the fruit comparison because there are apples that are tiny and apples that are huge. I also don't understand how one week the baby can be compared to something short and squat (like an apple), then the next week it can be compared to something long and skinny (like a banana). But I digress...

Here is my picture this week....

Here is the comparison from when I was pregnant with Jax...
Don't I look so much bigger with this one this week? Eek! I gained a lot of weight with Jax, so I'm super paranoid this time around!

And we can't forget my little man...

We're in the middle of selling one of our cars, doing job interviews and trying to find a place to live in California... so I'm off to go be a grown up!


  1. Hi Jenna! I found you through Kelly's blog. I love her! Her blog makes the world even smaller! We're at Bragg too! And you little one is adorable :)

  2. Hi! Found your blog through Kellys Korner! I am also pregnant and due in July!! So exciting!!