Friday, January 20, 2012

16 weeks!

If I change the publish time, does that mean that this post actually got up before 1 pm? Since I'm already a day late, I would have liked to get it up this morning, but it just didn't happen. Mostly for the fact that I didn't have anyone (i.e. my husband) to take my picture until just now. I could get the tripod out, but that's a whole lot of work to take one picture, and I'm quasi lazy when it comes to things like that.

This week has been a little weird since we are down to one car. There has been a lot more time at home for Jax and I, and a lot more juggling of schedules to work it all out. Starting next week, Ryan won't have to report for duty every morning, so that should help alleviate some of the juggling. We have so many appointments and things scheduled in these last 20 days (what?!) until we leave. One of those appointments is our gender ultrasound on Wednesday! WOOHOO! Don't forget to vote in the gender poll on the top left of the blog... only a few days left!

The baby is heading into a big growth spurt these next few weeks. He/She will double in weight and add a few inches in length. As of now, he/she is approximately 5 inches and weighs 4.5 ounces. His/her legs are much more developed, so the kicking should become more apparent and frequent (Yay!). I seriously feel like my belly hasn't grown in a few weeks. I'm sure I'm just being paranoid, but I'm just in a weird place. I can't wait to hear and see the baby on Wednesday!

I'm not doing a comparison this week because I hate my 16 week picture with Jax. Ha! I look like a hot mess, so no one needs to see that. But, I would never leave you without a "16 week" picture of my sweet boy!

Happy Friday!


  1. You look so great! SO happy for you.

  2. I think you look fabulous! :) Oh and the Jax belly pictures are so cute! he is such a little ham