Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hubs has been super overwhelmed at work recently, but as of yesterday things will be much more calm for the next 6 months. I am looking forward to seeing him more than a few hours each day!

This past week I was working on cleaning up the house and getting it readied to show. There is a small thin that came up so we won't be listing it for another month. Boo! But I'm jut praying that God puts the right buyers in our life at the right time!

I haven't done randoms in 2 weeks so I have quite a few pictures to share :)

The day before my friends got here, Jax was playing with this phone cord saying "Helloooo Max!"

Jax and Max were sitting with Ryan on his bike. Max wasn't so sure, but Jax loved it

This was just before went down to Myrtle Beach. Jax was rather excited!

Broadway at the Beach. The ONE ride we let them do. Stinkin' expensive tickets.

Just before leaving to drop my friends at the airport, Jax was running and fell into our bed frame. It is impossible to go more than a week without an injury in this house!!

The Chipotle in town just opened!!! Woooweeee!!! Y'all don't understand how exciting this is to me. This is one of the things I miss most about home, and now we have one here. Fayetteville is really coming up in the world! This long line was totally worth it :) We're also getting a Mellow Mushroom and I'm pretty excited about that too!

McFlurry goodness

Sweet Mojo was cuddled between our pillows last night. I couldn't resist taking a picture. Ignore the freaky red eyes!

We just bought Jax a bubble mower. The bubbles don't work (lame) but Jax absolutely loves 'mowing'. He insisted on helping Daddy!

Happy Sunday folks!

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