Monday, June 6, 2011

Elmo's World

We spent the day in Raleigh on Saturday. My parents had only been there when flying in and out. (They're in town, by the way. Did I mention that yet?) So they wanted to see more of what Raleigh has to offer. One day last week I saw an ad for Sesame Street Live in Raleigh. It happened to be the weekend after Jax's birthday and the weekend that my parents would be in town. So I happily bought tickets for my big boy, myself and my mama. Hubs and my Dad both opted out... I don't understand why?! Who wouldn't want to sit through an hour and a half of life-size puppets dancing and singing on stage?! ;)

Jax just recently got into Sesame Street. He has known Elmo for a while, but he had never actually watched Sesame Street. No reason in particular, I just always turn on Disney Junior and Sesame Street isn't on that channel. So once I knew we were going to see it LIVE, I made sure to record a few episodes. And of course Jax loved it. He started naming all the characters after only watching it a few times.

The week of Sesame Street prep really helped and he was so excited to see Elmo in real life. The show was very cute and overall, Jax did great. He's only 2 so I didn't expect him to sit still for 1.5 hours. I had to walk him around a few times and buy him an Elmo toy (that he is now completely obsessed with). But we made it to the end of the show and at the end he said "Yay! Good job Elmo!". Ha! He cracks me up!

After the show we met back up with Hubs and Dad and ate lunch at PF Chang's. Yum-o! We don't have one here in town so we always take advantage of both PF Chang's and Cheesecake Factory when we go to Raleigh. After lunch we headed to the Natural Science Museum. Hubs and I had been there once before we had Jax and it was so fun to go back with our kiddo. After the museum we walked around downtown Raleigh and got Italian cream sodas at a little cafe. It's been ages since I'd had one and it was delish!

Unfortunately I lost all my pictures from the second half of the day. I had to get a new iPhone and I took the pictures with it but once I synced my old stuff, it deleted what I had taken that day. Bummer! But it was a very fun day and it's been so fun to have my parents here. Jax has loved having his Nana and Boppa to play with. We've been playing outside a lot, so I'll get a post up soon with pictures from our pool and slip-n-slide!

Happy Monday :)

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