Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday and a boo boo

Today has been a really good day! Some friends of ours were planning a garage sale and they asked us if we wanted to add to it. We were very excited to do it because we are going to be selling our house soon and we needed to get rid of some extra stuff. We were nervous about getting enough traffic through the garage sale but it turned out great and we sold most of our stuff! We made a good amount of money which will be put towards replacing my dying MacBook with an iPad! I can't wait!
After the sale, we headed home to rest and freshen up then we had a birthday party to attend. It was for our friends whose little boy is turning one! We swam and grilled and had a great time. We don't have many plans for Father's Day tomorrow but Jax and I will definitely be showering hubs with love :)

Backing up a few days to Tuesday night, Jax was playing on our deck and ran into the grill. He got a really deep gash over his eye and we ended up in the ER. Poor guy was such a champ and thankfully he ended up not needing stitches! They patched it with skin glue and put a steri-strip over it. It's slowly healing and we're hoping it doesn't leave too big of a scar.

Here's the little man on the way to the hospital

Here's a picture of him resting the day after the trauma

Well, I swearrrrr I'm going to get my other pictures off my camera and posted on here. I've just been so busy. Things are settling a bit for the next few weeks so hopefully I'll get more chances to blog. In the meantime, here's a few other recent phone pictures.

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