Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekly Randoms

As always, I have already fallen behind on my weekly randoms... And this is only the second week. Ha!

This week has been a little busy. My mother-in-law was supposed to come out here on Wednesday but the nasty weather throughout the South ended up getting in the way of her flights. Her layover in Dallas was cancelled so she ended up re-booking her trip for 2 weeks later. That ended up being a major bummer!

But my parents are arriving on Wednesday so at least I've had that to look forward to. PLUS, my not-so-baby baby is turning two on Friday. So I'm really looking forward to that but I have lots of last minute planning and organizing before his party on Friday night.

Anddddd Hubs has been off work for the last 4 days because of the holiday weekend. We've been enjoying family time and spending lots of time playing in the sunshine.

We took Jax to a local playground that has a small waterpark. It's just a fenced in area that has water shooting out of the ground and out of metal fixtures.

He loved the gun the most!

We had an overflow of basil
In our garden so I clipped a ton of it

And made a huge batch of pesto! Yummm!

Jax's nose is almost healed, but he pulled off his scab so I think it's going to scar a little bit :(

He somehow got ahold of a highlighter and decided to color all over his face and tummy. He was very proud of himself. Ha!

I was so proud of my big boy using some (child) chopsticks to eat at dinner tonight. Notice how much rice the cook gave him! Apparently he thought that my 2-year-old could eat like an adult!

I will post some pictures of our Memorial Day once I get them uploaded. We drove about 90 minutes away and went to Trader Joes for some shopping, Chipotle for lunch, and then to the lake for some sun and swimming. It was a great day!

I hope each of you have enjoyed your memorial day as well. I am so proud of my soldier and so thankful that he is in my bed each night. I had a few high school friends who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and on this day we honor them. God Bless America!!

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