Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trying really hard

I know all babies are different, but it really doesn't make me feel better. I try to avoid comparisons, but it's pretty hard not to.
My friends' babies, who are all younger than Jax by anywhere from a week to a month+, are doing things that he isn't doing. He STILL hardly ever laughs. He sort of giggles sometimes. But he'll do it once or twice, then stop, even if I'm still doing the same thing... Example: tickling, playing airplane, making faces, etc. He also hasn't started rolling. And he still hates tummy time which you would think would help because he just wants to be on his back but noooo. Every time I put him on his tummy, he starts fussing within about 60 seconds. He tries to roll, but he can't shift his weight enough or get his arm out of the way. He just flexes his back muscles, his legs lift in the air, he starts rocking back and forth a bit and he gets super mad. I keep trying to help him back and forth but it doesn't seem to be doing much. Again, I know all babies are different. Blah blah blah. It still really bothers me that he seems so slow.
He's super good at using his upper body strength to hold his head up and he can even sit up if I position him right. He falls once he tries to move, but I guess it's good that he can hold himself up in the first place.
I'm trying really hard to stay positive, it's just hard. Either way, I love him to PIECESSS!!! And I guess that's the most important thing.


  1. So I totally feel bad, don't compare. Like I said, I think it was by coincidence that Ben rolled over!! Oh, and Ben's weight is down compared to all the babies I know...and I feel bad about that. All babies are least that's what I keep telling myself! I feel like Danielle's baby is way advanced by all the posts she puts on facebook. Jax is prefect, I promise!!! Oh and Ben doesn't like tummy time either, and I hardly ever do it because I know he doesn't like it. I have just been trying to do it more often for shorter periods of time. We just have to do the best we can as new mommies. Unfortunately for Jax and Ben, they are the first born, so we have to learn everything with them.

  2. Oh Jenna! I started crying when I read Mary's post and then I started bawling when I read yours. I know it will probably take a little longer for him to "catch up" but remember, the standard for normal is a whole bunch of babies all over the scale and it's just one average. He's special in far more ways than than any other little kidlet because he is Jenna and Ryan's. No amount of giggling or rolling over can change the prestige of that title.


  3. Yeah, yeah, yeah... but its still hard.