Monday, October 5, 2009

One third of a year

Jax turned 4-months-old on Saturday and he had his 4-month doctor's appointment this morning. Here are the stats:
  • 15.4 pounds- 50th percentile
  • 24.4 inches-25th percentile
He is in lower percentiles, for both height and weight, than he was at his 2-month appointment. The doctor wasn't worried about it though. The most important thing is that he is growing. She also said I could start him on solids... which I figured she would say. I have tried baby oatmeal a few times and he seemed to do okay with it. I'm just not sure that I'm ready to give up the sweet-smelling breastmilk poop for STANKY solid food poop. I might just start nice and slow...

A few more fun four-month facts (say that 10 times fast!):
  • He is getting really good at sitting on the floor on his own. He can hold himself up for about 10-15 seconds
  • He wakes up talking to things in his crib
  • He is very smiley, but isn't really into the whole laughing thing
  • He likes playing on the floor with mommy
  • He is getting good at sleeping through the night (930-630) instead of waking up once to eat
  • He hates tummy time
  • He takes 4 or 5 short naps through the day, but refuses to take them in his crib
  • He likes to sit in his high chair and watch mommy make dinner
  • He loves to mouth anything he can get his hands on
  • He loves to stare at anything he can get his eyes on
  • He is starting to teeth and drools a ton
  • He doesn't like to be left out of whatever is going on around him
  • He still loves to snuggle on my chest and has done so since the day he was born
Happy 4-month birthday, baby! We love you so much!!!

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  1. I know Ben will be in the lower percentile for weight! I am worried that the doctor is going to make me supplement with formula. He eats a ton, but he is just so tall, he doesn't weigh the right amount for his height!! Jax is getting so big and starting to do such fun things, Can't wait for Ben to get there too!